WHMCS Modules

WHMCS Modules

Mimir Tech is the best place to find WHMCS modules and plugins. We develop the best modules and plugins for WHMCS billing system platform.

Tag Manager & Enhanced Ecommerce

Enhance your Google Analytics Reports with Tag Manager & Enhanced Ecommerce module for WHMCS. This module integrates your WHMCS with Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager, allowing you to feed the e-commerce reports in Google Analytics with your WHMCS order information.

Easily insert and manage dozens of tracking codes tags into your WHMCS with Google Tag Manager without manually modify any file require to install new modules. With just one plugin, you can easily insert dozens of tracking codes.

Mautic Integration for WHMCS

Integrate WHMCS with Mautic and synchronize WHMCS data automatically into Mautic through the WHMAUTIC module and automate your marketing campaigns and much more!

With this module, your Mautic Marketing Automation Software will be running with steroids synchronizing orders, clients, and product data from WHMCS to empower your marketing campaigns.